How to order

How to order online guide

Step 1

  • Choose your main entrees by clicking here.

  • Scroll down to view your selection.

  • Once you are done choosing your main entrees for the week, go to step 2


Step 2

  • Choose your vegetable dishes by clicking here

  • Same as in Step 1


Step 3

Choose your starch dishes by clicking here

And for the sauce, click here


Step 4 - Checking out

  • Proceed to check-out  by clicking on the shopping cart symbol on the top of the page,

  • Click on one of your items to take you to the check out page

  • Follow the directions from there on.


 If you need assistance with ordering, please call 250 415 5444.

Choosing your medical nutrition therapy.

Use the filter on the menu pages and click off the check boxes - see below picture - you can select for a group of items at a time. 

For example click on main entrees and low sodium. Only items that comply to your selection will show. 

Scroll down to see the selection