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Most Canadians will want to live at their home for as long as possible.  Over time, however, circumstances may change with the ageing process and elderly parents become more vulnerable.  Unforeseen situations such as mobility reduction, decreased appetite or cognitive impairment may make living at home more challenging.  Additionally, caregiver stress increases and the burden of care inevitably affects adult children.

Therapeutic Meals helps adult children of seniors by providing specialized senior meals, nutrition consulting for seniors,  and reducing burden of care.


Our company

The team

Commercial kitchen site on 776 Fairview Rd

From left to right:

Curt Lesage, cook and paleolithic diet fan; Eric Davies computer programmer, avid gardener and on Sunday's: volunteer prep cook and proud dish washer, Jenneke van Hemert, RD, chief fan of everything food, cook and dietitian.

Therapeutic Meals is a medical nutrition service offering both nutrition counseling and a meal service. Our goal is to help clients manage symptoms of chronic disease, stay independent longer and safer, and increase quality of life in the comfort of home.

Let us help seniors stay at home longer, safer and better.

Living with chronic disease can come with diet restrictions, which makes eating healthy difficult. This can put a person at increased risk for malnutrition. Malnutrition is the lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things, or being unable to use the food that one does eat (Malnutrition Task Force Canada).

Proper nutrition is essential for improving health outcomes and maintaining independence, especially at a time when you need less calories but more nutrients. In fact, good nutrition care can help ward off loss of muscle strength, loss of balance, fatigue, dizziness, infections, frailty and falls — all of which can result in hospitalization or admission to long-term care.  

Fit for you

Therapeutic Meals' hand in glove approach is unique. We have the ability to offer you nutrition counseling and meal services as a complete nutrition care service, or offer you either nutrition counseling or meal service independently of each other.

Dietitian Services

Meal delivery planning services: Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly meal plans catered to preferences. No need to re-order every week.

Nutrition screening, assessment  and consulting: Find out if you or someone you are caring for is at nutrition risk. Prevention of malnutrition is an important strategy to aging healthy. If nutrition risk exists, a full nutrition assessment is recommended to plan a personalized nutrition intervention. Many seniors have more than one chronic disease, generally the symptoms and signs of chronic disease are better managed when well-nourished. For this we charge a counseling fee.

Swallow screens to identify and manage dysphagia (swallowing difficulty). Swallosng difficulty can greatly reduce nutritional intake and enjoyment of food. Choosing the diet texture that fits your swallowing ability and personal preferences can help you maintain your quality of life and rekindle your love of foods.  

Therapeutic Meals delivery services may be covered under the Veteran's Affairs VIP program. Please check with your representative.

Therapeutic Meals dietitians services may be covered under the Veteran's Affairs program under the federal program for members of the RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces. Please check with your representative. A referral from your physician will be required.


Therapeutic Meals was founded by Jenneke van Hemert, Registered Dietitian, for the purpose of helping people in the community living with chronic disease meet their specific nutritional requirements. Jenneke has been working with seniors and their family members since 2010; in 24/7 home care, hospital food service management, acute care, long term care, assisted living, independent care, and as a private dietitian.

Jenneke van Hemert, founder, in front of the 

Jenneke has a B.Sc. in Food, Health and Science and major in Dietetics from the University of British Columbia, and is registered with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia. A registered dietitian (RD) is governed by the Health Professions Act. An RD is qualified to assess your nutrition requirements, help you implement the prescribed medical nutrition therapy, monitors the therapy, and answers any questions related to nutrition therapy. 

Good Nutrition helps you stay independent


Malnutrition is directly related to negative health outcomes, increasing the risk for declining health status, admission to hospital, re-admission to hospital or admission to long term care. Preventing malnutrition is important because it can decrease immunity; decrease muscle strength with resulting loss of ability to balance, fatigue, dizziness, frailty, and falls resulting in fractures.

Maintaining good nutrition status decreases risk of these outcomes and helps you stay independent. Managing good nutrition however can be a difficult task. Therapeutic Meals can make this task easier for you or your loved one by delivering the meals that meet your needs and preference.

Therapeutic Meals takes care of your meals 

Care giving is a tremendous undertaking. Especially for the "sandwich" generation, where adult sons and daughters are living with parents, while parents take care of their aging parents, the need to lower the care burden is essential. Therapeutic Meals helps maintain the best possible nutrition status, with the highest quality of life possible for caregivers and aging parents alike. Managing a therapeutic diet at home can prevent the need for institutionalized care service. 

Not all meal services and take out foods are created equal. Some take out or ready to eat foods may not have sufficient nutrients, are high in fat, sugar or salt, or may not have the appropriate diet texture. All of these factors increase risk of exacerbating a person's health condition. Therapeutic Meals are nutritionally balanced, and nutrition information is available for all our meals.




    Have it your way: We offer over 1000 meal combinations. 

    Variety in meals increases our enjoyment of meals. This is why we designed our menu a la carte. All our vegetables, meats and meat alternatives and starches are packaged separately, so you can combine your own meals to your preference. 



    What is our price range?

     Dinner meals range from $8.25 to$11.25, depending on meal combination choice.

    Lunch meals (coming soon) will range from $6.25 to $9.00
    Breakfast meals and desserts (coming soon) will range between $3.50 and $5.00


    When do we deliver?

    We deliver the frozen meals on Wednesdays and Fridays, depending on where you live.  

    Enjoy your food

    The key to enjoying meals is the variety of food. Variety keeps the taste buds happy, stimulates appetite and increases intake. Increased intake means your nutritional status will improve, and you will feel better. Feeling better means higher quality of life. That is why we offer our hot entree menu a la carte for you choose from over a 1000 meal combinations.




    Our Food

    Our Recipes

    Therapeutic Meals' home-style cooked recipes have come from a our audience, old cook books, and tried and true recipes. To better serve you, we asked you what you like to eat, and what you would like to see on the menu. We tested the food on our willing circle of friends and supporters, a diverse crowd with diverse ages. The feedback was given and taken graciously and some improvements were made. 

    Our foods are free from artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives and are deliciously prepared with herbs, gentle spices and other natural flavourings.

    We highly value customer satisfaction. So for the final food taste test, we ask you kindly to give us your opinion. Fill out the comment box on the bottom of this page so we know where we can improve, and where we can keep things exactly as they are. Our commitment is to your health and nutrition, and enjoyment of food.


    Where does the food come from?

    Although not as local as my neighbor's garden, we strive to lower our carbon food print by sourcing local and organic produce as much as we can. This fall (2018) Therapeutic Meals is sourcing part of it's produce from an urban non-pesticide local farm.



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