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A - Fish with Parsley and Lemon
Tender and flaky baked fish, mouth watering flavor with parsley and a squeeze of lemon.
A - Plum chicken
For people with a sweet tooth
A - Salmon Dill
Wild Sockey Salmon, seasoned with Dill and Olive oil, oven baked.
A - Savoury Chicken
Delicately herbed  roasted chicken. Much like chicken noodle soup, this dish is comforting and soothing.
A - Tilapia with Coconut Lime Sauce
Tilapia is a tender flaked white fish with a soft flavor. Oven baked and gently draped with sweet tangy coconut lime sauce.
B - Broccoli and Cauliflower
Naturally flavourful, steamed to firm but tender consistency for the regular, cut up and finger food;. steamed to asoft consistency for the minced and pureed textures.
B - Roasted Squash
C - Herbed Rice
Long grain white rice lightly herbed. For when you want something else then plain rice. Wholesome and tasty.
C - Rice Pilaf
Rice with flair. Fluffy and light, yet creamy and delightful.
D - Beef Gravy
Beef Gravy, the classic.
White Rice
Fluffy and light Jasmine rice.