• Feb 17, 2017
  • by Jenneke van Hemert

"I am overwhelmed with the care for my mother in law. The Doctor said she needs a minced diet and she can’t swallow very well. Can you help?"

She wasn’t kidding, she sounded stressed. The responsibility for meal preparation can be demanding, especially when a special diet is required. When your loved one is at risk of choking, meal preparation needs to be properly executed. Anxiety levels can rise. People recovering from a stroke have different needs, and a safe and adequate diet is essential for recovery. The distressed voice continued: “She does not want pureed food, and since she came home from the hospital, she can’t stand to see anymore bland mashed potatoes and carrots.”  When a diet is restricted to a minced diet texture, the menu choices in the hospital are quickly limited to only few options. Not fun if you are there for a couple of weeks.

We helped Monica by visiting her and her mother at home, and created a personalized menu with on a minced diet texture, and sauces to moisten the foods to aid swallowing. We provided tips on how to make a textured diet taste great, and provided information on foods that are right for a minced diet, and can be purchased from the store already made. We set up automatic reordering and deliver the frozen meals on a weekly basis.

If you too feel overwhelmed by meal preparation for your loved one, we can help you too.

Jenneke van Hemert is a registered dietitian and founder of Therapeutic Meals, please find more information at https://therapeutic-meals.com.